What Are Popticals

The Problem:

Sport Sunglasses Are Unportable

You need sports sunglasses to do the things you love. But how many pairs of sunglasses have you lost or damaged because you don’t have a safe place to keep them when you take them off? And the cases they come in are big. Too big. You love your sunglasses, but they’re a pain when you’re not using them. You’re used to the inconvenience. You leave them on your head, on your shirt, on your back or in your hair. These are perfect ways to lose or damage your premium sunglasses. Popticals are here to change all of that.

The Solution: Popticals

The World's Most Portable
Sports Sunglasses

We broke the mold and created the biggest innovation to sunglasses since the invention of sunglasses. Popticals are high-performance sports sunglasses that extend from a portable size, forever changing the way you use and carry your sunglasses. Using our patented design, they compact down to fit inside our small, durable case. Made in Italy with lenses manufactured by Carl Zeiss Vision, Popticals give you premium sports sunglasses when you need them and a safe place to keep them when you don’t.