Fishing Sunglasses

Portable, polarized sports sunglasses for every fishing trip.

  • Carry Popticals with peace of mind in our compact, durable and floating carrying case.
  • Polarized lenses with Ri-Pel® eliminate glare, allowing you to see below the water’s surface while repelling water and dust off the lenses.

Get Ready to Reel in the Big One

The great sport of fishing only requires a few things: a body of water with fish, the fisherman/fisherwomen, fishing rod, reel, tackle box, bait, hooks, reels, fish finder, rod holder, fishing hat, extra line, six-pack of beer, and a great pair of sunglasses. Having all the right equipment is important and that without it, your hook is probably going to come up empty more times than not. It doesn’t matter if you’re deep sea fishing, fly fishing, surf fishing or just sitting on the end of your dock, having right gear for the job makes your trip a whole lot more enjoyable. We can't help you carry all your stuff on to your boat, but Popticals can give you one less thing to worry about. Polarized, wrap-around sunglasses are best for fishing, but they’re cumbersome with no safe and convenient place to put them when they’re not in use. Popticals fit in our compact case that tucks away safely in the smallest of places for complete portability.

Made with Portability in Mind for Every Trip

Popticals are most convenient, high-performance sports sunglasses for any kind of fishing. Our patented and innovative new design utilizes the FL2 Micro-Rail System® built into the frames that allow the lenses to slide in parallel next to each other, giving Popticals a small compact storage size. They can then easily pop-out from their portable size for use whenever and wherever you need them.

Every pair of Popticals comes with a small, durable case built specifically for the great outdoors. The case has a hard exterior to protect your Popticals, and floats in water just in case it goes overboard. Attached to the case is a sturdy carabineer clip that you can clip on to your belt or fishing vest so they're always there when you need them.

Made from the Best Materials to Give You the Best Performance

Every fisherman knows that no matter where you’re fishing, polarized sunglasses are one piece of gear you don’t want to leave home without. All Popticals come with scratch-resistant polarized lenses to virtually eliminate all glare on the surface of the water, allowing you to see deeper down with enhanced contrast. Our lenses have UV400 protection to protect your eyes from 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays even on the brightest days, and a wrap-around design to keep light from entering through the sides. Each lens also features Ri-Pel® technology, making them repellent to oil, dust and water so you enjoy clear vision without drops of water smudging on your sunglasses. And the lightweight, durable frames made from Grilamid® TR 90 material provide a comfortable fit for all-day outings. With sporty style, premium performance, and true portability, Popticals will be your new favorite fishing partner that's always ready for a trip.