FL2 Micro-Rail System®


The FL2 Micro-Rail System® started with a deceptively simple challenge: how can sports sunglasses compact down to a portable size? Sports sunglasses have a wrap-around style with curved lenses and frames to ensure a secure fit around the head during active use. The problem with a curved, wrap-around design is that they take up a lot of space inside unwieldy, bulky cases when they’re not in use and cannot be folded up. To build a true portable wrap-around design required something different. So we broke the mold and engineered a completely new approach.


After four years of development working with some of the best minds in engineering and optics, our patented design brings something truly innovative to the world of sunglasses. We sought out the best methods and materials from around the world to ensure the ground-breaking design met our extremely high standard for quality. As the late Steve Jobs said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

At the heart of our patented design is the FL2 Micro-Rail System®. Using a rail system build into the frames, it allows the lenses to slide inward and parallel to each other for compact storage. The system uses stainless steel pins that move along a track within the frames for smooth and effortless movement. A powerful magnet guides and locks in the connecting pieces in the center of the frames to create a secure and solid connection. The temple sections of the sunglasses fold inwards using two hinges for a truly small carrying size. With three utility patents, our design gives Popticals their unique portability while still providing the high-performance benefits of wrap-around sunglasses.