What are Popticals?

We're glad you asked! Popticals are the ultra-convenient sports sunglasses that pop-out from a compact size for the active outdoor lifestyle.

Head over to the What Are Popticals page for more information about how our innovative new technology allows you to conceal, pop-out, and wear top athletic sunglasses with true portability.

How are Popticals different from folding sunglasses?

Popticals are high-performance sports sunglasses that feature a wrap-around design for a secure fit during any outdoor activity. The curved lenses used in sports sunglasses make it impossible for them to fold up due to their rounded shape. Folding sunglasses use flat lenses and a square shape designed to fold up. Their flat design doesn’t provide the same secure fit and performance as wrap-around sunglasses, and are designed for casual use. As opposed to fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses have a wrap-around design for a secure fit, to reduce sunlight entering from the sides, and protect from dirt and debris.

Popticals provide the performance of wrap-around sports sunglasses without sacrificing portability. This is made possible thanks to our newly patented design featuring the FL2 Micro-Rail System that allows the curved lenses to slide together for compact storage inside their durable case. Popticals are the world's first and only wrap-around sunglasses that can be stored in a compact size and pop-out for use.

Where did the name “Popticals” come from?

Originating from the Latin term poptimus maximus, which translates to “ultra-convenient wrap-around sunglasses,” we decided that Popticals had a better ring to it.

What is your return policy?

You can view the details of how we handle returns here.

How should I clean my Popticals?

Popticals are made using only the best materials and cutting-edge eyewear technology. To ensure you do not damage or compromise the performance of your Popticals, please read all the specifics on how to clean them on our Cleaning & Maintenance page.